Karen Savory

 An appreciation of both nature and art has always been a part of Karen Savory’s life. Growing up along the Niagara River in Western NY, she could never get enough of either. She would beg her dad to take her camping and fishing with the boys and then beg her mom to let her “help” with sewing and painting projects.  Today, as she and her husband, Van, explore the mountains surrounding their Montana log cabin, she knows just how lucky she is to combine her two passions as she creates art that shares her love of nature.  

Karen has two artistic styles that feed her soul:  bright whimsical watercolor paintings and classic black and white block prints. Both styles express the utter joy she feels when wandering Montana’s wildlands. The ever-changing colors of a granite wall on a crisp fall morning exhilarate her; the mysteries found in the soil and water fascinates her; and the grandness of the highest peaks and oldest forests humbles her.  The aspen trees dance before her, the coyotes sing, and the wind whispers secrets in her ears.    

Karen Savory’s bright and whimsical watercolor paintings express the utter joy she feels when wandering the mountains surrounding her Montana log cabin. Playful wildlife and their soulful eyes are surrounded by a world of color that appeals to both adults and children. Bears, wolves, foxes and trout often grace Karen’s canvases as she imagines the aspen trees dancing before her, the coyotes singing, and the wind whispering secrets in her ears. 

Karen Savory

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