Lisa Morales

Better late than never. This statement is true for any “late bloomer” which is exactly what Lisa Morales considers herself to be. At the age of 42, Lisa took her first drawing class at a community college. Design, color, and collage classes soon followed at the Glassell School of Art.

“I remember so vividly how those first foundation art classes completely changed my perspective about what being an “artist” meant. And I fell in love—with the process, the techniques, the critiques, the like-minded people, and the PAPER!!”

Paper became Lisa’s passion and the main material she uses to create her whimsical collage art. When she is not painting, texturing and tearing paper into tiny pieces, Lisa and her husband enjoy raising their three children in Houston, Texas where they run a small roof diagraming business out of their home. On the weekends you will find Lisa turning ordinary children into beautiful princesses, butterflies and super heroes as a professional face painter. She counts her blessings every day and hopes to serve as an inspiration for all creative late bloomers.


Lisa Morales

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