Michele Norman

Michele Norman was born and raised on a farm in an area known as the "Quiet Corner" of Connecticut. She now resides with her husband and 2 teenage children not far from where she grew up.

Michele has been called to be creative since she was very young. She has a degree in graphic design but has been slowly developing her painting skills in the past 10 years. After her children were born she was searching for an artistic outlet and that's when she started painting on wood and giving the pieces as gifts to friends and family members. She knows that her gift has been given to her by the Lord and it should be used to glorify Him. She enjoys painting art that incorporates florals with scripture as well as animals and peaceful farmhouse style scenes.

When she isn't in her art studio she loves to travel with her family. She believes that there is so much inspiration in the world and we must visit new places to renew our creativity. Some of her favorite places to visit have been Italy, Scotland, and Africa.

Michele's wish is that each piece of artwork that she creates shares the thoughts of joy, country comfort, and God's love.


Michele Norman

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