Nathalie Runghen

French designer Nathalie Runghen has been a textile designer and illustrator for twenty years. After graduating from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris, a well respected center for learning in the decorative arts, Nathalie got a job in the famous Parisian studio of Lizzie Derriey. She then went on to manage a team at Atelier Tempo design.  Nathalie decided to leave Paris and moved to the beautiful mountains in Grenoble in southeastern France where she works freelance and specializes in design for the paper, decoration and fabric sectors.

Working by hand and digitally, creativity is the most important thing for Nathalie; she constantly thinks about design concepts and is never short of inspiration for new subjects and styles.

Nathalie is represented by IBD Licensing UK


Nathalie Runghen

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