• Baroque 108" Digital

    This new 108” quilt backing which, as its name suggests, is ornate and extravagant in style. It comes in 8 luscious colors.

    by Blank Quilting

    Ships in June 2019

  • Infinity 108"

    This is a new quilt backing in a meandering allover design that comes in 7 colors including white on white, black and white and red and white. The delivery for this is October.

    by Blank Quilting

    Shipping Now

  • Sedona Wave 108"

    This new 108” quilt backing is a beautiful wave the flows and will enhance any quilt with style. It comes in 7 colors.

    by Blank Quilting

    Shipping in January

  • Urban Legend 108"

    Many of you have requested the Urban Legend in 108” and here it is! We picked the best-selling 108” colors to start with.

    by Tana Mueller of Western Denim & Dirt

    Shipping Now


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