About Us

In the summer of 2014, Jaftex Corp., the parent company of Studioe, Henry Glass Fabrics, A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. and Fabric Editions, Inc., purchased Blank Quilting and renamed it The Blank Quilting Corporation.

Through the acquisition, Jaftex gained a dedicated sales force of nearly 40 representatives. This group of sales professionals is largely comprised of talented quilters, sewers, national instructors, authors, bloggers and pattern writers--a team of fabric aficionados that shares your passion for the quilting and sewing industry. We think this is a great asset--for us and for you, our valued customers!

Our sales representatives offer their expertise by partnering with shop owners, designers and consumers in the fabric selection process. The goal at The Blank Quilting Corporation is to impassion quilters and sewers of all levels to select the fabrics for their next quilting or sewing project from our collections that you, our valued shop owners, choose to carry in your stores. We have a vested interest in you and your shops' success.

The Blank Quilting Corporation designs are intended to delight and inspire consumers who appreciate a selection of beautiful and fanciful designs, a bright and lively color palette and quality cotton fabrics that are available at a competitive price. To accompany and support the fabric collections, a vast selection of free patterns are available on this website for quilt shops and consumers to download, use and enjoy.

We at The Blank Quilting Corporation enjoy meeting people in the quilting and sewing industry and love to see and hear about the creative things you make with our fabrics. Please share your pictures and comments with us on our social media venues! If there is anything our staff or sales team can do to make your fabric experience with The Blank Quilting Corporation better, please contact us. Your success is our success. Happy quilting and sewing!

From Team BQC