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  • Country Paradise

    By the same licensor that brought us Vineyard Valley, this collection includes blocks with different country scenes, a scenic panel with beautiful large sunflowers, another panel with the classic red pick-up truck, an allover barn, horse, chicken, rustic country signs, tossed pick-up trucks, allover sunflower, and detailed country scenic design. There are a total of 11 skus and delivery is October.

    by Christina Bramhall

    Ships in October 2018

  • Emelia’s Dream

    This collection was inspired by Scott’s sewing machine donations. As you probably know, one of the recipients was a young girl who started sewing like crazy when she received her sewing machine. Her enthusiasm and passion impressed Scott so much that he was moved to create a collection that young girls could use in their sewing projects. The free projects for this group feature a bean bag chair and tote. There are 10 skus in this collection and the delivery is October.

    by Blank Quilting

    Ships in October 2018

  • Florella

    This is an elegant floral collection that features large bouquets in contemporary colors. The collection also includes paisleys, tulips, daisies, two geometric designs, a tonal petal and a stripe pattern. This group has one free pattern and one pay pattern. There are a total of 15 skus and the delivery is October.

    by Danielle Murray

    Ships in October 2018

  • Loca Linda

    This bright multi colored features mandalas, geometrics, paisleys, chevrons, tie dyes, and dots. There is one free project and one pay project for this group. There are a total of 16 skus and the delivery is October.

    by Jackie Decker

    Ships in October 2018

  • Locomotion

    A follow-up to Redwood Express, this train collection includes a 36 inch scenic panel of a train, train blocks, station clocks, stacked luggage, train tickets and a stripe with train wheels. It features one free downloadable quilt using the panel and all the coordinates. There are a total of 16 skus and the delivery is October.

    by Marc Desobeau

    Ships in November 2018

  • Love 4 Cotton

    This latest collection by Tana Mueller features the popular farmhouse theme in neutral colors and includes a 24 inch panel, large and small windmills, the currently popular cotton bolls, moths, chicken wire, cotton emblems, weathervanes, a stripe and quilt labels. The free projects include two quilts: one using the panel and the other a pieced quilt. There a total 16 skus and the delivery is November.

    by Tana Mueller of Western Denim & Dirt

    Ships in November 2018

  • Scarlet Romance

    This collection is by a new Licensor, Judy Hansen, and is a fresh approach to redwork. It includes white on whites in addition to the classic red and white designs. The patterns range from butterflies to florals to paisleys. The free projects include a more traditional snail’s trail and a more modern quilt. There are a total of 21 skus and the delivery is November.

    by Judy Hansen

    Ships in November 2018

  • Sun 'N Soil

    This is the second collection by Hope Yoder who brought us Roses & Arrows. This time around the group is centered around the currently popular cactus theme which is rendered in pretty watercolors. There is a 24 inch panel, various cactus designs, a pineapple design, a bird design, a placemat panel, various textures and words. There projects are a panel quilt and a pieced quilt. There are a total of 17 skus and the delivery is November.

    by Hope Yoder

    Ships in November 2018


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