Order Policies

New policies effective January 1, 2023

Active accounts are defined as those who have ordered from FreeSpirit Fabrics, Henry Glass Fabrics & Co., Inc., Studio E Fabrics and/or The Blank Quilting Corp. within the last TWO years. If you are an active customer and want to open an account for one of the Jaftex companies you are not currently buying, your minimum opening order is 5 units (see below for more details).

New Customers and Accounts

A new customer/account is defined as any retailer or manufacturer who has never placed an order with any of the Jaftex Corp. companies. To open an account, you must:

• Submit an official resale certificate from your state, if applicable. If not applicable, submit an official government document with your tax ID number.

• Complete a new customer application.

• Term customers must complete the entire form.

• Credit card customers must complete the top part only. • Place a credit card on file for the first order until terms are established.

• Email new account paperwork to Barbara Freeland (

• The credit manager has final approval of terms for all new accounts.

• For FreeSpirit Fabrics customers only - To be considered as an online only FreeSpirit Fabrics retailer, you must have a published website with at least one year of ecommerce business.

• Jaftex and its associated companies will not sell to fabric co-ops.

• Upon completion and submission of all appropriate paperwork, Jaftex reserves the right to vet and approve or disapprove all new accounts.

• Established term or factored Jaftex customers in good standing can purchase from all Jaftex companies under the same terms. Terms will be aligned with the other companies after a full credit review and receipt of the first order.

New Account Opening Order

• Minimum opening order for one delivery is $1,500 (USD)/$2,010.00(CAD).

• Payment for opening orders must be with a major credit card.

• Once established with an opening order, a retailer can place an order with any of the Jaftex companies as long as they meet the 5 unit minimum order quantity per shipment.

Invoicing and Credit

• Shops will receive invoices via email when their order ships.

• A copy of the invoice will be in the first box of the retailer’s shipment as well.

• Jaftex Corp. offers net terms to creditworthy customers. • Credit cards are pre-authorized before an order is printed for picking. Upon shipping, your credit card will be charged without you being called or notified in advance.

• We reserve the right to charge a 3% fee for credit card use. Charges will not occur without a discussion regarding other options available for payment. Please reach out to to discuss further.

• All customers who buy, in a year, an aggregated $10,000(USD)/$13,400(CAD) or more from the Jaftex companies will be referred to Milberg Factor. You will need to provide financial information to the factor to receive terms.

• Credit cards on file will be used, if necessary, to pay past due invoices without you being called or notified in advance

Minimum Order

• The minimum amount for a single shipment or a re-order is 5 units.

• Units are defined as any combination of bolts, kits and/or pre-cuts. Inner packs are counted as one unit. 108” bolts are counted as one unit.

Drop Shipments

• Henry Glass Fabrics & Co., Inc., Studio E Fabrics and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. charge $ .25 per yard for drop shipments.

• Drop shipments do not apply to FreeSpirit Fabrics or The Blank Quilting Corp. Suggested Retail Pricing

• Jaftex Corp. states a Suggested Retail Price on their products which is twice the wholesale. For example, $6.25 (US)/$8.40 (CAD) per yard is an SRP of $12.50 (US)/$16.75 (CAD) per yard.

Jaftex Pricing Policy

• The Jaftex self-policed online pricing policy is to protect the value and integrity of our fabrics and help retailers maintain a healthy margin selling Jaftex fabrics.

• This policy applies to all customers selling Jaftex fabrics online in the US and Canada.

• A summary of the policy is below.

Restocking Fee

• Jaftex Corp. charges a 25% restocking fee on all returned items based on the invoice total.

• The customer must call customer service prior to returning any goods.

• The customer pays freight both ways for returned stock. • Returns due to verified quality issues will not incur a restocking fee.

• Quality issues must be addressed in writing through your rep or customer service with supporting photos and/or samples, as requested.

Cancellations/Order Changes

• Printed orders waiting to be packed at the warehouse cannot be revised.

• Orders that are on a truck and/or already shipped cannot be cancelled.

• Cancellations require written approval at least 30 days prior to the requested ship date.

• We cannot guarantee that an order on the warehouse floor, packed and/or ready to ship, will NOT ship if cancelled.

• If the order can be kept from being shipped, cancellation of the packed and ready to ship order will still incur a 25% restocking fee.

• FreeSpirit pre-cuts associated with quarterly collections and/or one and done offerings as well as kits (including block of the months) are made to order.

• 50% of the invoice cost will be charged for made-to-order pre-cuts associated with quarterly collections and/or one and done products and kits that are cancelled 60 days prior to the stated delivery month.

• We reserve the right to manage cancellations on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping/Back Orders

• We strongly encourage customers to mark orders as ship and cancel.

• Back orders will ship freight free unless otherwise specified in advance.

Free Freight – FreeSpirit Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp, Contiguous United States

• FreeSpirit Fabric orders of 30 units or more qualify for free freight, contiguous US only.

• FreeSpirit Fabric qualifying orders of 30 units or more for Alaska and Hawaii shipments will receive a discount of 5% and ship via FED EX Ground.

• For The Blank Quilting Corp., orders of 10 units or more qualify for free freight, contiguous US only.

• The Blank Quilt Corp. qualifying Alaska and Hawaii shipments will receive a $ .25 per yard discount.

Freight Discount – Canada

• For FreeSpirit Canadian retailers, orders of 30 units or more will qualify for a freight discount of 5% off the entire order.

• For The Blank Quilting Corp. orders of 10 units or more will qualify for a freight discount of $ .25 off per yard.

• The above freight allowances for both FreeSpirit Fabrics and The Blank Quilting Corp. also apply to outlying Canadian territories/provinces (NW territories, Yukon, Nunavut/Newfoundland, Labrador) shipping via FED EX Ground. *Some exclusions apply. Oxford Warehouse, FreeSpirit Fabrics

• Collection launch pre-cuts/kits for FreeSpirit Fabrics will ship in the stated delivery month directly to retailers from the Oxford warehouse in Burlington, NC. The minimum quantity will be waived.

• Any collection launch pre-cut/kit orders of 10 units or more shipping from the Oxford Warehouse qualifies for free freight, contiguous US only.

• Any collection launch pre-cut/kit orders of 10 units or more shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, including outlying provinces, will receive a discount of 5% and ship via FED EX Ground in lieu of free freight.

• Re-order pre-cuts will ship from G & S Warehouse in Seneca, SC. Shipments from G & S are held to the qualifying 5-unit minimum order as well as the stated 30-unit free freight policy as noted for contiguous US, Alaska, Hawaii and Canadian retailers.

FreeSpirit Fabrics Only, Kaffe Fassett Discount

• FreeSpirit Fabrics offers a 5% discount on the purchase of 30 or more full-priced bolts of Kaffe Fassett Collective, Kaffe Fassett Collective Classics, Kaffe Fassett 108” quilt backs, etc.

Jaftex Corp. reserves the right to change its prices at any time during the year provided reasonable notice is given. Terms and prices on the various Jaftex company websites are subject to change due to errors or omissions. Website orders will be subject to final validation. A confirmation will be sent to you from customer service.


Pricing Expectation Guidelines

FreeSpirit Fabrics, Henry Glass & Co., Studio E Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. & 3 Wishes

These expectation guidelines are for all companies: FreeSpirit, Henry Glass & Co., Studio E, The Blank Quilting Corp. & the 3 Wishes.

• This policy applies to all customers selling Jaftex fabrics online in the USA. It also applies to Canadian retailers selling FreeSpirit Fabrics, Blank Quilting and Studio E online.

• The pricing expectations are a self-policed Jaftex policy put into force to help us and you protect the value of the fabrics that you sell. This is not a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.

• The intention of this policy is to push back against resellers who devalue the hard work of our team and designers by selling Jaftex fabrics at prices that are too low relative to the cost. It is also to encourage you to build a prosperous business where you can make healthy margins selling Jaftex fabrics.

• It is recommended that retailers sell all Jaftex Corp. fabrics at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) which is twice the actual wholesale cost. Below is a summary of the expectations for preselling, selling up to the delivery month and selling for the first full 4 months after a new collection is shipped out to customers.

All 44/45” quilting cotton target prices should be met before taxes and after discounts, coupons and club fees:

• For fabrics that cost $6.25 US/$8.40 CAD per yard, we expect you to be selling at the SRP, but not lower than $11.50 US/$15.40 CAD per yard.

• For 100% quilting cottons fabrics by Tim Holtz, Anna Maria Horner as well as digital fabrics, glow in the dark fabrics, flannel and anything with a cost above $6.50 US/$8.70 CAD per yard, we expect you to be selling at SRP, but not lower than $12.00 US/$16.10 CAD per yard.

• For Kaffe Fassett & Tula Pink fabrics, we expect you to be selling at SRP, but not lower than $12.50 US/$16.75 CAD per yard.

• For specialty fabrics like neon ink and metallics, we expect you to be selling at SRP, but not lower than $13.00 US/$17.40 CAD per yard.

• For Kaffe’s shot cotton fabrics and Peppered Cottons by Pepper Cory for Studio E Fabrics, we expect you to be selling at SRP, but not lower than $10.50 US/$14.05 CAD per yard.

• For 100% cotton lawn and 100% cotton canvas, we expect you to be selling at SRP, but not lower than $15.50 US/$20.75 CAD per yard.

Calculating the 4-month selling period with an example.

• If the new line ships in May, 4 months starts June 1 and ends the last day of September.

• Then, starting October 1, you can veer from the policy, but please try to stay within reason in order to keep the value of the fabric elevated. Please don’t think that you have to lower your prices because the 4 months have passed.

Additional details:

• The Jaftex Corp. online pricing policy is focused on the most popular 44/45” wide cotton prints, not solids. The 44” cottons are where we find the most price violators.

• There will be no policy on precuts, kits or 108” fabrics, but we suggest staying near the SRP. • ½ yard cut and 1 yard cut bundles that you make on your own should be priced based on the per yard parameters above, i.e. a 1 yard cut bundle of Kaffe or Tula fabric would have to be $12.50/yard ($16.75 CAD) or more per 1 yard. Cutting your own ½ yard and 1-yard bundles is not a way around the policy.

• The FreeSpirit Fabrics re-order catalog, active through the end of 2024, represents the FreeSpirit basics by designer. We will enforce the above pricing on all items in the FreeSpirit catalog unless you are getting out of the item with no plans to ever order it again. We will allow for the occasional sale during the normal course of business or in the case of exiting the style.

• If you are planning on running a sale, whether as a promo or to liquidate out of a SKU or collection, it would be appreciated if you informed Scott ( so he is aware and can quickly counter any push back from retailers who happen upon your reduced pricing.

• If you manage regular clubs, please make sure that your pricing is updated based on the policy.

Implementation & Violation Reporting:

• Please continue to email with screen shots and links showing anyone who isn’t following the policy. Scott will continue to reach out to retailers who push the limits and urge them to get their prices adjusted accordingly.

• Please do not submit pictures of low sellers to the Jaftex Facebook Retailer group or mention low sellers in the group. The Jaftex Retailer Facebook group is not the place for these types of complaints. Please send that information directly to

• Those who submit pricing violations will remain anonymous.

• There will be consequences for those who continue to sell at egregiously low prices. In the worst-case scenario, a repeat offender may lose the privilege of buying Jaftex fabrics.

The policies listed above negates any prior policies or programs. Thank you for your continued partnership and cooperation. Please do not share this information outside of your company. This information is between the Jaftex Corp. companies and your company.


Scott Fortunoff

President of all Jaftex Companies (FreeSpirit, Henry Glass, Studioe, Blank, A.E. Nathan & Fabric Editions)

If you are a quilt shop owner, please join the Jaftex Retailer Page:


Contact Information:

Jaftex Corp. Headquarters: Scott Fortunoff President 49 W 37th St, 14th Floor New York, NY 10018 (800) 294-9495 Cell: (917) 751-5487

Jaftex Corp. Customer Service: Barbara Freeland, 700 Executive Dr., Ste. 201 Greenville, SC 29615 (866) 907-3305

Jaftex Corp. Credit: Dina Colon, (833) 943-1391 Direct: (864) 254-0550 Fax: (704) 973-0619


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