Stof Fabrics

Stof Fabrics of Denmark is a Danish company with lots of tradition. Stof was founded in 1970.  In the 1980’s, Stof began to specialize in fabrics for quilting and sewing.  Shortly thereafter, they began to create designs for manufacturing. The passion and love the Stof Fabrics team has for beautiful designs and high-quality fabrics has helped to launch their enterprise into a worldwide favorite. In 2014, they began making fabric for home décor, apparel and quilting.  The jewel in their crown in regard to apparel has been their ever popular Avalana Jersey Knit fabric from Turkey.

In 2017, the Jaftex Corporation entered into a distribution agreement to offer the Stof branded fabrics in the U.S.  The Blank/Studioe sales reps offer the majority of Stof branded lines to their quilt shop customers.  In 2021, the Stof products began to be offered on the Blank Quilting website. These products are available mainly for special pre-orders, but there are several stocked items that are available at once all year around.  In your decision process of buying Stof Fabrics, please be aware that your orders are firm commitments to buy and have a lead time for delivery of at least two months, sometimes more and sometimes less.

Stof Fabrics

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